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General laboratory consumables ,such as flask,tube,rack,reagent bottle.,job xxx

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  • General Lab consumables including Beakers, Flasks, Measuring Cylinders, Test Tubes & Accessories, Glass and Ceramic Ware, Crucible & Accessories, Evaporating Dishes, Mortars, Filtering, Funnels, Filter Paper, Weighing and Measuring, Weighing Tray, Weighing Bottles, Specific gravity bottles, PH indicator Paper, Thermometers and Timers and etc.,xvideos oom

  • Hematology and Biochemistry consumables include Blood collectionBlood col lect ion tubesBlood lancetAlcohol padCapi l lary tubesHaemacytometersNeubauer improved chambersThoma chambersFuchs- rosenthal chambersESR pipettesWestergren ESR pipet tesClosed ESR pipet tesMicro ESR system,diego barros

  • Microbiology Cell culture Molecular biology include Specimen collection & transportationCollection swabsTransport swabs w/o mediumTransport swabs with mediumSampling bagsInoculation and cultureLoopsCell spreadersPetri dishesMultiwell platesCulture tubesCulture flasksCulture scrapersMolecular biology,pinupfiles

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items