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Spectrometer instruments like Spectrophotometer, AAS, ICP, Direct-read Spectrometer and etc.,girl bondage

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    Fluorescence spectrophotometer(spectrofluorometer), suitable for UV or visual spectrum fluorescence quantitative determination ,mature sexe

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    steamy sex,This instrument is operated by a PC. It is a powerful tool to analyze the sample structure in many fields such as petroleum, chemical engineering and pharmaceutical.

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    AAS, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer,free sex cm

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    steamy sex,Conductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer is mainly used for the quantification analysis of metal elements and some non-metallic elements in the liquid sample.

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    SP-OF2000 fiber optic spectrometer using global best Richardson blazed grating, sensitivity up to 20%, stray light reduces 50%. Meanwhile, the use of two shining technology, equipped with UV-sensitive CCD, it expands effective band to 200~1100nm for the first time. ,porno 365

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