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CLG-Max light absorption type full microplate reader series products have been widely used in drug screening, molecular biology, immunology, cytology, biochemistry and other fields. It can completely replace imported products and is a high-performance microplate test. Reading domestic brands in the field of analysis is a wise choice for scientific research units and biochemical pharmaceutical factories.,asinsex

black pirn,Main feature

  • With a separate standard cuvette light path, it can be used as an ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer;
  • Suitable for most life science research work, especially DNA/RNA analysis;
  • It is suitable for protein quantitative analysis and supports UV absorption, Bradford, Lowry and other methods;
  • It is suitable for the end-point method ELISA/EIA, with a variety of fitting curves for analysis;
  • Suitable for MTT (IC50/LD50) analysis;
  • Suitable for cell proliferation and cytotoxicity test;
  • It is suitable for microbial identification and bacterial concentration analysis;
  • Suitable for protease and kinase, phospholipase, NADH, GST activity test;
  • Suitable for LAL analysis of endotoxin;
  • It can detect any standard 96-well or UV-transmission 96-well microplate;
  • Built-in grating monochromator, the wavelength range is 190-1000nm;
  • The wavelength accuracy can reach ±1nm, and the wavelength repeatability can reach 0.2nm;
  • With single-wavelength, dual-wavelength, and multi-wavelength detection functions;
  • With kinetic analysis mode, kinetic method ELISA/enzymatic analysis;
  • With spectral scanning mode, ultraviolet-visible spectrum can be obtained;
  • With temperature control incubation system, the temperature can reach 65℃, which is suitable for high temperature test;
  • With the function of shaking and mixing with microplate, no need to use an external shaker;
  • Use flashing xenon light source, long life and stable light emission;
  • With sample detection detector and reference detector, the detection is accurate;
  • A special light absorption detection board can be used for calibration and certification of the equipment;
  • With powerful data analysis software, microplate analysis workstation;
  • Use USB data interface to facilitate instrument control and data transmission;
  • All Chinese interface, suitable for domestic operators to use and teach;
  • The performance is not lower than that of imported similar products, and it has a higher cost performance;

Main indicators
1. Wavelength range: 190nm-1000nm;
2. Wavelength accuracy: ±1.0nm;
3. Wavelength repeatability: <0.2nm;
4. Measuring range: 0-4.000OD;
5. Incubation temperature: (room temperature + 2°C) to 65°C;
6. Microplate type: standard 96-well (others can be expanded and customized);

Main components
1. Host (including light source, detector, incubation device, oscillating device, cuvette analysis device);
2. CLG-MAX1900 optical absorption full-wavelength microplate reader workstation software;

Instrument accessories (optional)
1. MF-10 type incubation shaker;
2. ND-10 type micro detection board;

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